Next steps will explain how to register and verify user account, how to deposit money, create Investor account and connect it with my Master account. All these steps have to be done at the broker’s Website. If something won’t be clear, you can always contact Alpari Help desk directly.
Or you can contact me too.

1. Account registration

Please, visit and choose Register for myAlpari link from the left top corner of their Website. Or you can visit registration page directly here.
If you have already registered at Alpari, please jump to step No. 3.

2. Account verification

After account registration, you will have to login to myAlpari and to verify your account, by uploading one of the valid verification documents (scan or photo of ID card, driving license, or passport). Verification process usually takes up to 2 business days, but in most cases that’s solved the same day.

3. Money deposit

As I have already mentioned here, you can deposit money by various methods. Please, use the one most appropriate to you. Minimal deposit is just 10 USD, so any amount bigger then that will be fine.

3. Investor account creation

And finally the last step – very simple and straightforward. Please, login to myAlpari, visit my PAMM page and click on the button Invest funds (filling up necessary data).

That’s all. Thank you very much and welcome to my PAMM service!

  • What is ForexAktiv?

    ForexAktiv is personal Web of experienced Forex trader. It's just a place where I offer all information about my PAMM service.
  • What is a PAMM?

    PAMM is abbreviation of "Percentage allocation money management". It can be simple described as connection of Money manager and his/her Investors thought appropriate broker's infrastructure, on a way which ensure both sides same profit (measured in percentage). So, if I (as Money manager) increase my deposit 10% this Month, that means you will also do the same.
  • ForexAktiv vs competitors

    You will notice there are many other Money managers at Alpari, which offer same kind of service. However, there is one BIG difference between me (my PAMM is named there "FxAktiv") and competitors. That's care about the risk. I don't try to catch the profit. I reduce the risk, and profit comes itself (because of the nature of Forex market). It's opposite to what almost all other Forex traders do. If you respect your money, and you wish to "sleep well" knowing your money is safe, then ForexAktiv is the only choice for you.
  • Our Broker

    We (Money manager and Investors) use one of the biggest and oldest Forex broker. The broker with several licenses, more then 17 Years on the Forex market, and with more then million clients. That's Alpari.
  • Minimum deposit

    In case you wish just to test my service, you can do that without the risk, because minimum deposit is just 10 USD. You can start by investing any amount of money bigger then 10 USD. Money have to be deposited directly at broker by (standard methods) (Bank Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, etc.).